Cute as a button

Button goes Bonbon – new Viktor & Rolf fragrance

Ms Button is usually very exacting and considered with fragrance.

The bottles lined up on the shelf in the button boudoir wouldn’t look out of place in an apothecary. The wonderful ridged bottles of Tom Ford Black Orchid and eau demoiselle de Givenchy are the stand out favourite scents, ready to lightly douse the immediate surroundings with a heady fragrance cloud explosion.

But today Ms Button is being daring. She has acquired a new scent blind. Now this scent is a) yet to arrive and b) not released officially until 20 March so she has no clue what it actually smells like. But it looks so sweet- so far there’s been a bit of a senses jumble as this entire decision has been based on smelling with the eyes!

But usual rules don’t apply as it’s new Viktor& Rolf fragrance time. Ms Button has always liked Viktor&Rolf Fragrances. The oud blend of Flowerbomb was exquisite and Spicebomb smells just as delicious on a girl as it does on a guy. Even the sadly now obsolete Eau Mega was distinctively different, so with this provenance behind it, Ms Button thought Bonbon was worth taking a punt on.

At first glance, the packaging, branding and style hint that it will be a playful, young fragrance that’s light and sweet for spring. Here’s hoping it’s like Scarlett- a wonderful Cacharel floral that has all but disappeared. Further details will be revealed as soon as Mr Postman can bring it!


images Unknown-3 $_12


What do you think? Should we button it?

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