Cute as a button

a spot of sartorial splendour…

Ms Button moonlights.

Being a full time fashionista would be a loss to the financial services industry, so it’s especially important that any investment pieces can go from boardroom to bar and look appropriate in both settings.

This is a difficult balancing act. There are very few designers that cater for this market well- in the mainstream, there’s French Connection and Reiss, but the problem is that it’s just that little bit too mainstream. It’s good quality, it’s neat, but it’s likely that every other woman under the age of 50 in the office is wearing it too. The premium labels such as Vivienne Westwood Red Label offer exquisite cuts but they are client-scaringly daring.

Funlayo Deri is an emerging label that will fill this void. It’s clear from the attention to detail given to her garments that Funmilayo Deri understands exactly what the modern woman wants.

Ms Button inspected the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection very closely and each piece is exquisitely well made, with delicate darts, the finest fabrics and perfect finishing. The handmade quality would be apparent to even the untrained eye.

The dresses were desirable, feminine and ultimately wearable. Ms Button felt confident and assured that a Funlayo Deri dress would become that dress- you know the one- the date dress, the wear anywhere dress, the have forever because it transforms you into a goddess dress.

Play close attention to the incredible skirts with detachable panels to alter the length- you can be demure at the desk then racy at the restaurant in a matter of seconds!

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