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A Paraguayan web of wonder…

On Friday night, thebuttononline were privileged to be invited to a private viewing of a very special commission at the International Fashion Showcase.

The International Fashion Showcase is a rather exciting installation. So often when we think of high fashion, we think of powerhouse cities and established fashion houses. You would be forgiven for thinking that people that reside in the Southern Hemisphere don’t wear clothes! But you would be misguided. Once again this year, the BFC and the British Council have organised a showcase for emerging international talent to present, explore and gain confidence through design, with each country involved commissioning pieces especially for the event. 

Paraguay’s 16 pieces represent a breakthrough and key pivotal moment in Paraguay’s fashion journey, as this is the first time Paraguay have exhibited in London’s fashion arena.

There was so much to explore and learn about the heritage and craftsmanship running through the Paraguay installation. The central theme of the piece was the Nanduti. This traditional Paraguayan lace craft is not unlike a spider’s web- delicate, beautiful, geometric.

Each of the four designers has broadly taken this lace as their inspiration, but have worked with the concept and explored it in very different but equally beautiful ways. The curator, Yanina Aubrey-Gimenez, explained to us that each piece tells its own unique story, with each story in turn weaving itself into the display at large. This vision has been realised and executed to great effect.

The images below confirm that the pieces are both desirable, commercial and covetable. Astrid Poletti’s intricate, delicate silver work was fierce and feminine at the same time. It was evocative yet adaptable as wearable individual pieces. Ms Button felt it had a glint of the Great Gatsby which added to its majesty.

Ilse Jara’s pieces used sophisticated laser cutting techniques and perfect balanced symmetry to draw the eye in. Ilse contrasts the delicate lace with strong leather and powerful bold embellishment.

Lucia Ferres interprets the concept differently again. Her pieces are the most identifiable as obviously incorporating lace- it feels dramatic, it feels forbidden yet sensual.

With the clear passion and technique shown by all of the designers across the pieces, it is no surprise that this installation was given a special mention when shortlisting for the winner of the International Fashion Showcase award.

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