Cute as a button

Pop goes the Prada…

Ms Button was caught up in the gales last night.

Central London turned itself into a windy vortex where sudden umbrella death was inevitable. Whilst trying to jog along Bond Street towards the inviting warmth of Green Park tube without losing a beret, she saw something from the corner of her eye.

A window display. 

This was heart-stopping, pulse racing lust.  It was Prada, only harder. 

The pieces were wearable and practical. Statements that will inspire and spawn a myriad of high street imitations.  Whilst the union of fashion and pop art colours isn’t new, this is unexpectedly avant garde. There’s a sportswear twist underlying some of the pieces, suggesting that Miuccia Prada has given us express permission to sweat. 

Collections come and go- but there in that moment, with the relentless rain beating down, a big Prada moment was reborn. 


IMG_1415 IMG_1416


What do you think? Should we button it?

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