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A man that needs no introduction starts simply.

Simply Hello, my name is Paul Smith.

The design museum’s latest exhibition takes us on a visual voyage from Paul Smith’s start in a shop no bigger than a storage cupboard to his now iconic status as a quintessential British designer.

It is both simple and majestic in its execution whilst being highly personal and immersive.

Sir Paul Smith is instantly likeable as well as being very knowledgeable about his craft. Ms Button emerged inspired. The feeling of standing peering over the precipice of greatness is infectious and oozes out of almost your every pore. Upon returning home to Button towers, Ms Button looked at her collection of tranklements and started to see her world from an entirely new perspective. The flamingo that stands majestic on the sideboard could be the perfect hue for a dress. The much loved copy of Sasek’s This is London that nestles in the bookcase could hold the key to future adventures. Anticipation and excitement bubbles and the exhibition shows that it is this wonderful spirit of adventure which too inspires Sir Paul to continue to innovate.

Walking around Hello, My Name is Paul Smith it becomes apparent just how wearable Paul Smith’s collections are. Some catwalk collections are flights of fantasy and transcend beyond the line of even aspiration. They are so far removed from reality that the real beauty of them can only be as art that was borne out of the need for humans to be clothed. But Paul Smith’s collections stand out because they can be yours. They can  be mine too. They are objects with a story to tell, but also functional. They will endure- season after season, steadfast stalwarts of the wardrobe war.






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