Cute as a button

Deviant in Dalston…

Over the weekend, Ms Button masqueraded as a “hipster” and went for a dalliance in Dalston.

London allows you to wake up and just decide what character to play on any given day providing that you can look the part.

With this in mind, Ms Button felt that this reconnaissance mission needed a change in artistic direction. This revolution began from the ankles up.

For this tryst into London’s subculture (and on the promise that it was dangerously close to a Burberry outlet), it was necessary to flash ankles. An ankle clash of the highest order was achieved by pairing zebra print socks with a pair of trusted comfy plimsolls complete with sweet little rosy red apples.

The astroturf  to enhance the shot came courtesy of Dalston Roof Park- well worth the climb on the last windy evening of summer.

The setlist:

Rosy apple pumps- Vans

Zebra print socks- Happy Socks

Delicious ankle swinging denim- Diesel

Fresh Frozen Fish- optional





What do you think? Should we button it?

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