Cute as a button

what the button wore…to a weekend wedding

Ms Button had quite the occasion to attend this weekend. A wedding!

Never one to miss the opportunity to wear something fabulous, Ms Button had acquired just the dress-and it came from the most unexpected of sources.

It is almost guaranteed that if you need to buy an outfit for an occasion, suitable garments will become as scarce as coloured diamonds. When this first caught Ms Button’s beady eye, there was no occasion in mind. Nonetheless, it has proven itself to be a worthwhile addition to her cocktail dress archive.

It was first spied in Phase Eight. This is not a shop that Ms Button had ever dared to venture in for fear of dressing like the mother of the bride. But this prejudgment was unjustified and unwarranted. This jewel print dress shines bright like a diamond and was wonderfully comfortable whilst the waistline expanded to accommodate all the sumptuous treats.

The dazzling spectrum of colours means that it is impossible for the dress to not blend seamlessly with any associated accessory choices. Up until the 11th hour, the intention was to wear a bare leg with a sparkling Gina cocktail sandal. Alas, dark looming clouds and tepid temperatures meant a closed toe was perhaps more practical. To bring a touch of vintage inspired glamour to the occasion, Ms Button opted to enhance the explosion of colour with a faux fur stole.

Outfit breakdown:

Jewel print cocktail dress- Phase Eight

Black cropped suit jacket- Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Faux Fur twisted stole- Ana Konder for ASOS

Red love heart necklace – Tom Binns for Disney Couture

Electric blue tights- Pretty Polly

Glitter court shoes- Ted Baker






What do you think? Should we button it?

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