Cute as a button

On the prowl…

Ms Button pranced her way to a bargain this afternoon in the Canary Wharf branch of Monsoon!

Warning: it is readily apparent that these kooky kittens are heavily inspired by Charlotte Olympia and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Be that as it may, these beautiful ballerinas have one distinct advantage over their designer counterparts- these were a sale rail steal!

Ms Button found them swinging all alone on a desolate rail with no barcode. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that this perky pair would fit Ms Button’s paws perfectly. How convenient!

Ms Button, quick like a cat, then advanced to the till for a subtle price enquiry. Remember, something is only a bargain if you need it or will wear it. Otherwise, the money is better in the bank than in the wardrobe. But brace yourself and prepare to feel like a cat burglar- they were a style snip at a mere £13!

Now, the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats are luscious velvet with a gold heel and much fancier embellishment. You might say that they really are the cat’s whiskers. But when it’s £13 vs £465 it’s really no contest- Ms Button is the cat that’s got the cream this time!




What do you think? Should we button it?

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