Cute as a button

don’t miss out at Miss Selfridge…

Every now and then, Ms Button stumbles across a piece that will become a firm wardrobe staple.  Something surfaces in an unexpected place that transcends across genres and wardrobe moods.

Sometimes Ms Button indulges her inner goth and stomps around in DM boots. Sometimes Ms Button likes to be coy and goes for a sweet feminine look heavily inspired by Japanese street fashion. Other times she likes to be vintage, channelling the inner Downtown Abbey with charity shop pearls. Then there’s a time to be functional and sharp with a blazer worthy blouse.

New in at Miss Selfridge this week is this wonderful lace inserted high neck top that can do all of that and more. It’s long sleeved so it’s ideal for this changeable weather. It has pintuck detail so it can look as vintage or as cutting edge as you dare to style it.

It’s not going to hang around for long. Buy this and wonder how you ever managed without it. Buy two as should anything happen to the first one, you will find it irreplaceable.




What do you think? Should we button it?

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