Cute as a button

what the button wore- Holy MoMA!

Ms Button is currently on tour in New York City- but what does one wear for intrepid adventures in the city that never sleeps?!

Having lugged a suitcase crammed with delights for every possible weather eventuality across the Atlantic, the warm spring sunshine posed no problem.

The base of the outfit is a pair of simple distressed grey jeggings. By rights, Ms Button would not admit to owning jeggings in polite company, but for holidays they are wonderfully practical and efficient. They take up very little room in the case, weigh almost nothing and can swiftly be screwed up and added to a handbag if the sun decides to hit tropical heights whilst one is out and about.

The theme of the look was skulls. A skull print tunic from Divided at H&M was paired with a Marc Jacobs skull watch pendant necklace and an quintessential classic Alexander McQueen skull print scarf. The relaxed neon pink cardigan hails from Gap and adds an unexpected vibrant pop next to the pop art!


IMG_1111 IMG_1113



What do you think? Should we button it?

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