Cute as a button

Funny Feet were real! Retro inspired picnicking at John Lewis

Ms Button is a product of the 1980s. This was an era when food was not just allowed to luminous, it was actively encouraged.

Bijou baby button used to walk to the newspaper shop in the blistering summer sunshine with mommy button and would be allowed to select an ice cream from the fridge if she had been good.

The fridge seemed cavernous- little button, hair all in disarray, sporting a Kylie I should be so lucky t shirt and jelly shoes would stand on tiptoes and peer in- so many wonderful choices- but the piece de resistance was the strawberry flavoured foot. They didn’t always have it, but when they did, it was like frozen angel delight on a stick-plus there was a joke to share afterwards.

Ms Button had started to think this nostalgic jaunt down memory lane was bordering on hallucinogenic- an ice cream shaped like a foot you say? Madness, utter madness! Until now.

Sturdy, safe John Lewis puts all the neigh-sayers to bed with its new Walls Ice cream picnicking range- complete with  a cool bag that clearly shows the funny foot!





What do you think? Should we button it?

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