Cute as a button

It’s only rock and roll but do I like it?…Chrome Hearts x Rolling Stones

When strolling in Selfridges Wonder Room en route to the David Bowie Is pop up, Ms Button found her eye drawn to the window of Chrome Hearts.

Chrome Hearts is very Hollywood, and here, in this little corner of London luxury retail, California has vomited. I hope California feels better now it has gotten this out of its system.

As a concept, the brand,which seems to specialise in holiday type trinkets at eye-wateringly expensive price points, doesn’t really work in London. London likes luxe. Things that cost this much should be quintessentially sharp and distinguished (Mommy Button always used to say that if you have to ask how much something is, you probably can’t afford it. In Chrome Hearts, pick out in your mind the absolute maximum that you would be prepared to pay for an item. Then treble your estimation.)

Chrome Hearts almost tries a bit too hard to be on point and by doing so misses the point entirely- rock and roll necklaces should be cool- but the only people who can afford to sport these are the antithesis of cool.

Rock and roll necklaces don’t need to be made out of precious metals or contain fabulous gems- they should be cheap crass mementos of a carefree musical fling that live in a box along with keys to houses that you no longer live at and stray pieces from boardgames that you never play. At this price, (I can’t get no) satisfaction!



What do you think? Should we button it?

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