Cute as a button

All eyes on us-think of the fun you could be having at supermarket chic!

Although this may be hard to believe, Ms Button has to acquire groceries. This perfunctory ritual involves putting the same selection of packets into a wire box and racing it around the store as quickly as possible in order to escape.

Upon entering the supermarket, she rarely turns right and ventures down into the clothing aisles. There’s nowhere to try it on, it’s not arranged by mood or by theme and the size on the hanger doesn’t necessarily match the size of the garment- the stress of it all is enough to induce hives.

Ms Button is misguided. There is a quintessential button shirt down there in those clothing aisles that needs to be urgently sourced. It’s due to arrive in Asda George this week, but regrettably this is all the detail we currently have about it.

Thebuttononline loves mysterious eyes, having featured eyes on skirts, jeans and clutch bags before now.  This striking shirt is a surrealist masterpiece- eye need, eye need! It certainly seems that this week, for a fast fashion fix, it asda be Asda!




What do you think? Should we button it?

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