Button fly- for the boys

accessories maketh the man

Once upon a time us buttons were enjoying an evening of delicious made to order cocktails at the lovely Happiness Forgets basement chamber in London.

It was in this jovial mood that we made a shocking discovery- cut to our waiter pulling down his trousers to reveal a launch product from his men’s accessories start-up- the Shirt Companion! Gasp, phew, take a sip and become reacquainted with 1870s fashion relaunched for the masses.

The baby of Mr Johan Ekelund Esq and Mr Durham Atkinson Esq, Sharp and Dapper are bringing back some London charm for the London gent.

Handmade at their Notting Hill address, Sharp and Dapper aligns accessories and retro-functionality and the result is, well, dapper.

The key product on offer to date is the Shirt Companion, which simply attaches four “braces” between your socks and the bottom of your shirt meaning that your shirt stays in position neatly all day-as do your socks. Further product offerings and online shopping are all in the mix with this creative outfit and we for one cannot wait until dapper goes global.

It’s the little things that count, and we applaud one less thing to stress about in London life.


What do you think? Should we button it?

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