Cute as a button

when the chips are down…

Ms Button is shortly due to take a hop across the pond, and thoughts are already turning towards the capsule wardrobe to take. One essential for hours on foot meandering around Manhattan will be a stylish pair of sneakers.

Currently Ms Button owns a well loved pair of Blondie Parallel Lines edition Converse- whilst they did indeed get better with age, they are bordering upon disintegration now and this trip could conceivably see them meet an untimely end. With this in mind, the time has come to have a casual browse to see if there’s anything out there that catches the eye that would be a suitable replacement.

If eye catching is the only criteria, these Vans Authentic skate shoes certainly hit the mark, but they present a quandary. Are they wonderfully quirky to wear in NYC in an ironic, post modern almost artistic statement kind of way? Or will looking at ones feet just result in a constant craving for Micky D’s?

If you find yourself fancying french fries, these are frying at Office Shoes right now!



What do you think? Should we button it?

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