Cute as a button

what the button ordered- River Island green leather quilted panel biker jacket

Ms Button has been pondering a new leather jacket for some time. The current leather jacket was purchased for the princely sum of £50 in a Miss Selfridge sale well over five years ago. It has served its time and is looking a little tired now.

There are some things that Ms Button doesn’t mind spending almost obscene amounts of moolah on, but investing in a leather jacket is a risk. This is because out of everything that Ms Button owns, it’s the leather jacket that is most likely to end up in the cloakroom of a nightclub or a bar, so it’s the leather jacket that’s most likely to go astray. We’ve all been there- 3.20am in the morning, bleary eyed, only to discover that at some point in the evening the raffle tickets have gone askew and you’ve ended up with someone else’s old dog walking jumper-again.

Then there’s the colour dilemma- leather jackets seem to only come in black, brown, cream or red. None of these colours particularly enhance the some of the more daring pieces lurking at the back of Ms Button the harlequin chameleon’s wardrobe.

Imagine the glee when clicking onto River Island earlier today to discover that the classic leather biker jacket has been reinvented in gregarious green! Usually a jacket of any kind isn’t an internet purchase, it needs to be tried on in the flesh so the debate about whether it’s a jacket that you can fit a jumper underneath can be had from all angles. But this is selling through fast- in the time spent pondering and erring on the side of caution, one of the potential size options sold out. There was nothing for it but to take a punt…here’s hoping Kermit the coat fits!




What do you think? Should we button it?

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