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Chocolate + Chloe x Selfridges = easter chic!

It’s almost that time again- the one day of the year where you can legitimately have chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and brunch!

Themed chocolate can be fun, but it would be somewhat of a stretch to go so far as to say that it is sophisticated or decadent. Until now. Whenever the words ‘exclusive to Selfridges’ appear on the horizon, you know that you are about to be spoiled by something prevalent, something very much in the moment, something you didn’t even know that you needed.

Experimental chocolate company Artisan du chocolat has taken an iconic Chloe moment and immortalised it in  sumptuous chocolate, blending dark chocolate with a pineapple coulis and a liquid salted caramel.

It looks extravagant, luscious, scrumptious. Almost too good to eat. Almost. 




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