Cute as a button

what the button bought- jeanius! Diesel Jogg jeans

Ms Button finds purchasing denim traumatic.

There are only two people on the entire planet that are at one with denim, namely Jeremy Clarkson and Bruce Springsteen.

For the rest of us, it is entirely possible and in fact probable that the jeans we wear at weekends don’t really fit like how we would want them to.

They are the jeans that will do for now- there’s always something that wasn’t quite right with them, but they were not wrong enough to even try and manoeuvre into another pair whilst trapped in a changing room cubicle that’s smaller than the average refrigerator whilst hotter than the sun. That’s how the Citizens of Humanity Avedon jeans made it home- they look perfectly fabulous unless or until you need to sit down!

Whilst out on a jaunt to purchase a HDMI cable (don’t ask!), Ms Button inadvertently stumbled upon dream denim. It was a long shot to expect to find said cable in a clothes retailer, but instead, destiny intervened- folded up on a shelf lay the dream jeans.

They initially caught the eye because they were a hue of blue sharp enough to pass for a dress down Friday in the office. But what was most unexpected was the way that they felt. Cuddly! This is highly irregular for new denim. When opened out, the cut looked impeccable- skinny enough to be edgy but not so tight that wearing them would result in losing all feeling to the legs.

With trepidation, the fitting room was approached. They slipped on first time without any deep breathing required. It was possible to both sit down and pick things up!

What are these miracle jeans?

Well Diesel has once again revolutionised denim. These are not just jeans, these are jogg jeans. Take a fashionable pair of jeans and cross breed it with the comfort of a jogging bottom and this is the end result. They look like jeans. They are cut like jeans. The fabric is durable like denim, but a little bit fleecy on the inside. These are jeans that hug not tug. Tomorrow they are up for the ultimate test- will they survive a Sunday roast without the need to discreetly open the button?



What do you think? Should we button it?

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