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Paul Smith for David Bowie

Tomorrow is a very special day. It’s the dawn of an era we didn’t dare to dream of. The release of brand new material from David Bowie.

With poise and presence, Bowie has created an innovative and distinctive furore to accompany the release. Yesterday’s advert in The Times newspaper was so avant-garde it was almost obtuse. It tells you nothing whilst simultaneously telling you everything.

Also bubbling away under the radar is a collaboration with Paul Smith.

At the moment, there is one piece- the official t-shirt to coincide with tomorrow’s album launch. Being Paul Smith, you know it’s going to be well cut, well made and have longevity. Too bad the woman’s cut is only available from the Paul Smith website, as Ms Button would very much liked to have sported this tomorrow.

But even more exciting is the promise that “there will also be some other great things coming up later in the year”- some form of silk scarf that’s a montage of Bowie album covers would be incredible!




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