Button fly- for the boys

Be a cardigan chameleon- Vivienne Westwood Man Block Knitwear cardigan

Break all of the fashion rules and be a harelequin hero by mixing white, baby blue, mustard, grey and navy together.

This really shouldn’t work- but it’s bold, it’s daring and it will go with everything else a button boy already owns.

The trick to wearing a striking piece is to keep everything else simple whilst complimentary.

Harrods have styled it sharp and exactly as Ms Button envisaged- the trousers picking out the darker panel, the brown brogues picking out the mustard sleeve and then adding an underneath white shirt that’s unmistakably Westwood with its tall exaggerated three button collar.

It could also be inverted just as easily, with a grey trouser and a midnight navy blue shoe. Or maybe a mustard trouser and a sky blue shirt. Or perhaps with a crisp white t-shirt and converse trainers for a more relaxed vibe.


I_177128197_00_20130215Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 13.16.43


What do you think? Should we button it?

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