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strange fascination – David Bowie Is limited edition print

It is no secret that Ms Button adores the thin white duke. Over the years she has collected a number of prints of the various different Bowie personas, so much so that she could probably stage an exhibition in her own lounge.

But this one is special. It depicts David Bowie in the Berlin phase. The Berlin Trilogy of albums in the late 1970s really showcased Bowie’s sense of humour, with Boys Keep Swinging being a particular favourite track. It was a time for exploration, a time for experimentation. A time to kick a drug habit. He was back. He was relevant. He was dashingly debonair.

The finish of this print looks exceptional. It’s a screen printed matt white with what else but a glitter stardust finish.  It’s a strictly limited edition print run of just 250 pieces, all signed by the artist Gregory Gilbert-Lodge. Order quickly directly from the V&A website before they sell out.

Ms Button also has big ideas about the type of frame that will be bestowed upon this piece. She’s thinking dramatic. Only a gothic gold baroque frame befitting of an old master will do for the master of musical reinvention.



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