Cute as a button

It’s payday Friday! Hobbs NW3 Birdie Intarsia Sweater

Tomorrow is a magical day. Payday Friday!

Those two words don’t collide very often, but when they do, the atmosphere is electric. Suddenly anything is possible and anything can happen. Anything usually does.

This isn’t just any old payday, this is February payday. It’s much kinder than taunting, cruel, callous January payday. He comes along with the promise of loot but then bitterly dashes it away again by mopping up the excesses of the long since forgotten festivities. February has flex. February has this wonderful birdie sweater.

Don’t be deluded by the diluted sun. There’s still a nip in the London air and this time of year the jumper drawer tends to be depleted. The novelty jumpers have had their moment. The remaining jumpers are either bobbly, overstretched, or shrunken. At worst, they could be afflicted by all three conditions at once.

This jumper is perfect for the prevailing mood- when spring has not quite sprung, you need a nod to lighthearted frivolity whilst retaining sleeves. On very cold days, you could slip a pan collared blouse underneath to add an extra layer. You could wear it with a skater skirt, or over the top of a shirt dress.




What do you think? Should we button it?

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