Cute as a button

what the button wore- shining bright like a diamond…

When Ms Button was a little girl, she used to love birthday party shoes. These shoes were special shoes. Shoes for a sense of occasion. Shoes that you didn’t get to wear every day so they always felt magical and exciting.

Today’s early attempt at spring sunshine encapsulated those same feelings. It was Sunday. The sun, despite still having a winter overcoat and gloves, must have found a hat out from somewhere as it very much wanted to play. At the bottom of the wardrobe, some glitter shoes looked up longingly- they wanted to play too.

Today was a day to shelve convention- so out they came! To tie in with the eclectic mood, Ms Button opted for items by following only two rules- the underlying hue must be blue, the piece itself must be a favourite.

The result was a charming clashing contradiction- the polo shirt is a Lacoste limited edition, with a print designed to look like porcelain by artist Li Xiaofeng.  The skirt, a past season classic from high street staple store Oasis, offers a neat pencil silhouette and a playful nautical charm. The lace blue tights are from Pretty Polly. The shoes that started it all are a past season Ted Baker bow court, but worry not- Ted has faithfully reinvented them for the last few seasons, so you can be a glitterbug too!




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