Cute as a button

what the button bought- The Bershka lipstick blouse

One afternoon in Topshop, many many moons ago, Ms Button purchased items from the first premium Freedom jewellery collaboration- the Danielle Scutt Lipstick collection.

They were a little bit surrealist- think Mad Hatter’s Tea Party mixed with the MAC counter.

Up until now, there wasn’t the right piece in the wardrobe to truly set them off to maximum effect- there are lots of garments out there with lips emblazoned across them, but nothing that really incorporated the lipstick motif.

That is, until Ms Button ventured into Bershka. Initially she felt out-of-place. Bershka is part of the same Spanish family that owns Zara- and trying to fit Ms Button into Zara is like trying to put over squeezed toothpaste back into the tube- not worth attempting without trickery.

Still, in the spirit of trying something new, she felt that it was worth a circuit of the store. There might be a scarf or necklace that fits.

But there it was- on the sale rail- a machine washable, polyester treat. A smart navy blouse with lipsticks on! It was the last one left, and an absolute steal- reduced down to £5.99.  What an unexpected bargain. You never know what you will find in the most unexpected of places. The sizing is, however, confusing. The label suggests that this is a mexican size 30. What that actually means in real terms is far from clear, but as the plan is to cinch this in with a pencil skirt, this detail became inconsequential. The numbers at the till are of more interest than the numbers on the label!





What do you think? Should we button it?

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