Cute as a button

it’s almost time to go pop! Lichtenstein has nearly landed…

Whilst on a jaunt into central London today, this exciting Tate Modern advertisement was spied:


It reminded Ms Button of a treasured ebay find from yesteryear- a Romeo Pires pop art style blouse. This piece will now be fished out, liberated and incorporated into the wardrobe rotation, along with a striking bright red matte lipstick. There are to be no half measures with this retro revival.


But whilst reminiscing, it would be foolish to overlook easily the best Lichtenstein inspired fashion collection ever- Moschino Cheap and Chic circa 1991.

The comic book print dress, with its darling 1950’s inspired shape is still cutting edge- 22 years on. Imagine it on a warm summer’s day with a pair of cork heeled wedges and a silk scarf tied around the neck with a flourish.



The attention to detail on the double breasted blazer shows why statement pieces from high end houses are true investments. Even at a glance you can tell that this would be cut to perfection and fit like a glove. One day our paths will cross pop art blazer – I feel sure of it.


What do you think? Should we button it?

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