Cute as a button

going dotty for Fred Perry SS13

Despite being left-handed and thus woefully inadequate at racquet based sports, Ms Button likes the classic tennis aesthetic and often introduces a quintessential Fred Perry jumper or traditional Lacoste polo shirt into a look as part of that difficult dreaded weekend dress code-smart casual.

Add in that ever since Bombalurina, Ms Button has had a penchant for polka dots, and you can appreciate the excitement to discover that Fred Perry has gone dotty for polka dot this spring.

Navy and white when paired together always looks very crisp and feel rather fresh. Instantly these pieces will blend seamlessly with everything else that she already owns in a feat of magical wardrobe osmosis.

The difficult part is deciding which pieces to get because they are all so chic- the polka dot cardigan will be ideal for springtime layering and lazy summer evenings on the South Bank, but the favourite piece (just!) is the short sleeve sweater.

The crew neck is ideal for hiding a shirt underneath until the sun decides to get his hat on- wear with cigarette tapered trousers and a lounging loafer-but you can imagine that it would easily work just as well with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a peep toe heel,giving it a modern vintage slant. This makes the sweater just as versatile as the cardigan, if not slightly more so.

It seems like everyone else has spotted the potential too, as currently there is only a very limited size selection showing on the Fred Perry website- get this before it goes! Ms Button is currently pondering on whether it would be appropriate to get both pieces and team together as a dotty double twinset…







What do you think? Should we button it?

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