Cute as a button

what the button bought- miu miu knee high boots

Coming up is quite possibly one of the best bargains Ms Button has ever encountered. This purchase is on a par with those smug individuals that pick up Chanel for next to nothing in well-heeled charity shops and then downplay the precious find with “this old thing, I just threw this on.”

Ms Button is not one of those people that can walk to the till and find a surprise reduction when the goods are rung up. In fact, she’s more likely to fall madly in love with something locked in a cabinet en route to the till and then have to decide whether it’s worth living the rest of the month on rations. If thebuttononline ever runs out of steam, she could easily turn her hand to an untapped corner of the cookery book market- 101 new ways for beans a la toast. 

Imagine the glee in the Prada outlet last weekend upon discovery that there was a footwear sale. Precious Prada laid out in a haphazard manner where it can be touched and fondled without any intervention. Within a flash, the right cowboy boot was whipped off, revealing a sock clad foot that was destined for greatness.

Ms Button’s shoe emporium (aka the bedroom in Button Towers) is rather well stocked with shoes from all ends of the price spectrum, but there tends to be a high turnover due to uneven and cobbled London streets. Town planners take note- there’s a woman single-handedly keeping Timpson in business here!

The eye hovered in on a pair of black heeled knee-high boots. Heeled knee-high boots have eluded Ms Button for a number of winters now. The heels have been too narrow resulting in further  pavement related incidents. The tops have been too loose and baggy, resulting in an unintended pirate look. The leather has not been soft enough- meaning any movement south of the knee was nigh on impossible. Until now.

Everything about these boots was perfect. The heel high was just high enough- not low enough to appear mumsie but not stripper skyscraper either. The leather was soft and plush. The finish was immaculate. The styling was chic. These boots were the very epitome of an investment piece. When they slid over the ankle and wrapped neatly around the calf, it was like Cinderella being reunited with a lost slipper.

When the boot was finally taken off (prancing around in any shop with one boot on and one boot off is only permitted for 30 seconds and then it’s just odd) the serious matter of the price was to be addressed. What would be lurking on the sticker on the bottom? Gulp.


£75?!?!?!?! Insert cartoon eyes popping out of head here.

That cannot be right, that cannot be right. Anxious beads of sweat appeared on the brow. What if this is the biggest pricing mistake in Prada history?!

Ms Button kept calm and nonchalantly indicated that she would take them. And now here they are!









What do you think? Should we button it?

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