Cute as a button

what the button bought- Prada faux fur stole

If you are likely to encounter fashion envy, please look away now.

Today Ms Button has been on tour- a reconnaissance trip out of London to Biscester Outlet Village.

The die hard fashionistas out there might turn up their noses at the concept of an outlet as it offers past season stock that has been manhandled by the masses. But they would be wrong. This is not where fashion goes to die.

The days where outlet stores crammed it in and piled it high are long gone. There’s a distinct boutique feel- thought and effort goes into the way the store is presented. Whilst the fixtures and fittings might not be as plush as the art nouveau window displays that sparkle in Sloane Street, remember for a second that all that matters is the garment itself and what you do with it- after all, you don’t wear the in store tranklements.

Despite being early to recognise the potential of the AW12 River Island coloured mongolian fur stole earlier in the autumn, Ms Button was not quick enough to secure one before it sold out. Now I know that happened because the fashion gods had made other plans.

Sitting pretty on top of a display cabinet in the Prada outlet boutique was a pristine pink and white faux fur stole. Originally released in the SS11 season, these coloured fur stoles caused a sensation -they were on the cover of magazines, they were on Marc Jacobs. They were a big deal.

The faux fur version originally retailed at £230. That was assuming you could actually get your hands on one. Even now, they command near that price point on eBay-even with the feint hue of the previous owner’s perfume thrown in too.

Today, when it was least expected, Ms Button picked one up for £50. Yes, you read that right- £50. Plus it was packaged fabulously in a sturdy box. Result:a stole so hot it was practically stolen!



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