Cute as a button

what the button wore- wardrobe maths

Caution. Extreme post work close up coming up!

Through the process of putting together different daily reworked interpretations of the same key office pieces, Ms Button has happened to notice a trend.

Despite the fact that her eye is automatically drawn to a unique print, and cutting edge distinction is usually directly proportional to expense, there is a fair proportion of the wardrobe that is capable of multi tasking and was also affordable to the point of disposable.

These silent heroes ride the crest of the wave on many trends. Take this pleated pencil skirt. It’s past season River Island, but not so long ago that it won’t turn up in dregs of seasons gone by at the fizzling end of the seasonal sale.

It’s navy and cream- two colours that always look chic. It’s striped- so it’s ready for when stripes have a renaissance but also doubles up as an emergency sailor girl outfit for fancy dress. It’s machine washable. It was a style steal at just £25.

The stilettos- again River Island. Monochrome always looks sharp. This particular pair, in soft matte leather, could form the basis of a 1980s extravaganza or totter down the corridors of the everyday office with a satisfying click. They were £50.

Conversely, for almost three years, a black Mulberry Alexa has hung faithfully on the arm. The wardrobe maths takes the initial outlay to now less than £1 a day.

The next time you ponder a purchase, do the wardrobe maths first- it’s not about where you buy it from, or how much it cost- it’s about the number of ways you can wear it!


Cotton reel print blouse- past season Urban Outfitters. Navy stripe peplum pencil skirt- past season River Island Monochrome court shoes, past season River Island. (Accessorised with Henry Holland Suspender tights and a black studded waist belt from Burberry. Nail polish is Nails Inc in shade Heather Grey)











What do you think? Should we button it?

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