Cute as a button

Check mate! Be a grandmaster in SS13 Louis Vuitton

You won’t make an illegal move if you follow Marc Jacobs’ lead and check into SS13.

In traditional Marc Jacobs style he adds a playful twist to the heritage Vuitton Damier check, using it as inspiration  for a two tone tessellation.


Let’s observe – we have a swinging sixties vibe here, with bold colours, striking geometrics and mini mini mini skirts.

Skip out the next scheduled trim-you will need that length as spring hair is a big, bouffant beehive.

The look is already starting to cascade down to the high street, with the first monochrome checkerboard sighting on ASOS.

At a purse friendly £18, the ASOS pencil skirt gives you the opportunity to flirt with the look without the long term commitment of a staple piece. The length of the pencil skirt makes it ultimately more wearable than the piece that perhaps inspired it- the mini mini mini skirt is a malfunction waiting to happen on escalators all over town.

The black and white check would also lend itself very well to being paired with red for a more rock and roll inspired look.

If this is too daring, there are ways to channel the vibe without becoming a walking slice of battenburg.

In Ms Button’s wardrobe archive, there is a wonderful Gucci checkerboard scarf adorned with purple lollipops. It’s expertly showcased here by Cedric Skull. It’s the easy way to incorporate a flash of monochrome checkerboard magic to any outfit- expect to see it again soon!






What do you think? Should we button it?

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