Button fly- for the boys

The Thin White Suit- David Bowie as a menswear icon

David Bowie is a mysterious being. He is omnipotent and ever-present without now being seen by the naked eye.

Think back to the recently dear departed 2012- it was less a summer of sport and more a retrospective to the Thin White Duke. Heroes bellowed out from the speakers every time someone struck gold and the opening and closing ceremonies were a reverent montage, effervescent with excitement that he may appear. Instead we were left with the din of a lost hen party standing on top of Hackney carriages.

Rock and roll and fashion have always been daring bed fellows, shocking and provocative like incestuous cousins, but some of these styles-punk, new romantic-are very much of their day.

What is more interesting to the modern menswear eye is how David Bowie has transcended the passage of time-with 30 year old pictures still having a very enviable modern silhouette.

His tailoring style transcends nonchalance whilst being sharp. Acid sharp.

Duke pic 1 sized

There is much that the modern London man can take from this. Pay close attention to the cut of that suit, yours too should fit like a glove.

Have the confidence to stray from safer colours- the tube provides the arteries to our fabulous city, but these arteries are awash with normal navy and basic black- try something new out. A suit is a statement piece and it is futile to think you can wear the same one for anything and everything.

Don’t shy away from a structured suit, as here we see that a slight frame is not automatically lost in a double breasted jacket.

The impeccable orchestration of a three piece suit always looks debonair – work that waistcoat and dare to be different- Lanvin and Dries Van Noten are known to channel the inner Bowie- why don’t you?

EDIT: It’s buttoned for less than 24 hours and strange fascination- he’s come out of retirement! Happy Birthday David Bowie- thank you very much for your gift- a new release!

images-6images-7images-5 copy images


What do you think? Should we button it?

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