Cute as a button

Red or dead maps two piece bikini shows the way

On the cusp of the bleakest shortest day of deepest darkest winter, a bright yellow bikini is just what you need to lighten the mood.

Bikini shopping when one is actually required is usually a nightmare, but stumbling across one out of season is an unexpected boon.

We’ve not encountered Red or Dead in this modern form before. In fact, the last time we heard of Red or Dead was with a pair of rainbow stiletto heels Ms Button had when she was 17, so we were blissfully unaware that it had since reinvented itself as a retro inspired swimwear provider.

The bikini style is both functional and fashionable- there will be no waterpark malfunctions with sturdy straps and modesty protecting swimskirt complete with frill.

The print is playful and fun- a London streetmap complete with taxi, red phone box and the River Thames. If you get yourself lost on the way back from the Lido, at least you can find your way home!

On sale now at the most unlikely of places, Amazon UK:




What do you think? Should we button it?

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