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Be the queen of hearts! Topshop long sleeve heart flippy dress

This has just arrived in the nearest Topshop to button towers. It was admired longingly, picked up, walked around the store and then, at the very last minute, abandoned due to apprehension about the join in the middle. Perhaps there would need to be some sort of coordinating waist/cummerband creation to conceal this harsh dividing line? There was not time to try it on and impulse finds can backfire. Ms Button was removed from the situation, MasterCard disappointingly intact.

This was a faux pas. Upon arriving home and surveying how seamlessly this would integrate with everything else already there, a sincere apology will be given to Topshop tomorrow. I hope she lets me back in.

This would go with Dr Martens boots and thick ribbed tights for a casual relaxed winter weekend vibe. It could be paired with a pair of stilettos and big hair for a 80s inspired party feel. Over a pair of black tailored cigarette leg trousers it could make it into the office. With a pair of converse trainers it would work for those upcoming SS13 in-between spring days.  It’s machine washable too, so it’s ready for all of these different looks before you are!




6 thoughts on “Be the queen of hearts! Topshop long sleeve heart flippy dress

    • I wore it to the office today with a Tom Binns for Disney Couture Queen of Hearts necklace – toned down and made office sensible with black flat pumps, black tights and a black suit jacket. It’s a really great fit, much better on than when it was on the hanger- don’t delay, get to Topshop before they sell out- it’s £40 well spent 🙂

    • I’m 5ft 7inches tall and on me it is above the knee- but the back is longer than the front, meaning that it’s not so short that it’s almost dangerous.

      I noticed that it has found it’s way onto the sale rail in my local Topshop- so hurry and you may grab a bargain too- it would be well worth the reduced £25 price tag 🙂

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