Cute as a button

Who’s a pretty boy then?! Charlotte Olympia Graca SS13

Charlotte Olympia manages to put a playful twist on shoes like no-one else- whether it’s the now infamous Kitty shoes, or those fabulous serenade wedge heels with a musical note base, you can guarantee that you will be teetering head and shoulders above the rest of the fashion pack whenever you step out. Literally.

The new SS13 cruise collection is previewing online, and it is enough to compel you to take to the seas immediately.

The Graca shoe is the showstopper. A lovely racy red mid heel canvas court brings promise of tropical breezes and hazy lazy warm days where there are no concerns about whether it is wet underfoot or not.

The real magic is in the heel.  There’s a parrot hiding in there! 05Squawk! Until Ms Button clapped eyes on the Graca, the most exciting heel she had ever encountered before were hers at the humble age of five years old. They were from Clarks. They were a black patent T-Bar. They came with stickers. They had a magic golden key to unlock secret pictures hiding in the heel. They could well have been the start of a lifelong enduring love affair with shoes, but that’s another story for another day…





What do you think? Should we button it?

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