Cute as a button

Hat’s amazing! Pearls and Swine fabulous fascinators

2012 has been the year of events- weddings, engagements, la-di-da days at the races- all precious moments that will be captured on film and treasured forevermore.

With the pressure of picture immortality looming large on the horizon for 2013 too, it’s always exciting to stumble across a millinery marvel, as the moment you actually need a show-stopping headpiece there are none to be found.

A fascinator is a striking way to add depth, intrigue and exquisiteness to an otherwise simple outfit, and with the choice on offer at, every day can and should be a fascinating day.

For those of us that like our wardrobe to have the element of surprise mixed with unexpected juxtapositions, prepare to be spoilt for choice!


KER1628a-137x200 KER1464a-134x200 KER3882-a-134x200 DSC_7650a_1DONE-141x200


What do you think? Should we button it?

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