Button fly- for the boys

Rain man

Surprises in life may come few and far between these days- we can be cynical buttons and the well clued in among us often find official confirmation of already well-known facts dreary at best-but this Saturday threw out a very pleasant surprise indeed.
Whether it was fate/destiny/a mere coincidence we decided to wander down Redchurch street on Saturday afternoon in Shoreditch.
We glanced at the APC shop/admired the Albion and then stumbled across a dark den of intrigue- a pop-up shop! Not just any pop-up shop- this is the home of Stutterheim (Swedish outerwear game changers) between now and 31 December. Looks attract and this pop-up looks stunning- painted floor to ceiling to floor in black it draws you in with candles and Swedish literature scattered around a stunning selection of, well, raincoats!
Be honest- do you own a raincoat? A full-on meant for its purpose raincoat? Who does? raincoats are for tourists, raincoats are well… naff! But raincoats never looked, felt and smelled so damn good. Priding themselves on no gore-tex, no velcro, no reflectors this is a back to basics, handcrafted design based on the traditional Swedish fisherman workwear but stunningly reinvented for the modern age.
Started by Alexander Stutterheim in 2010 based on his own grandfather’s fishing coat, the garments are personal (signed and numbered by the seamstress) and quality driven. These coats seek to be the only raincoat you’ll ever need and unique enough to weather any trend (sorry, we are surely allowed one rain joke!)
The coats may be grouped into two categories- hand sewn (Arholma) and double welded (Stockholm) on cotton fabric. The buttononline is now the proud owner of a white Stutterheim Stockholm vit which we are very much in love with together with some super chunky comfy socks too.
Perhaps the best surprise of all is that we cannot wait until it next rains- bring it on London clouds!

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