Cute as a button

Eye eye! SS13- Tom Ford Bardot sunglasses

We know, we know- the first chocolatey treat has yet to be liberated from behind the magical window, and already attention has turned to what the best dressed eyes will be wearing next year.

This summer, surgical intervention would have been required to remove the trusty Ray-Ban’s from the eye area. They go with everything. Anyone who is anyone in the great rock and roll hall of fame has peered out from behind a Ray-Ban shade, and that means, by default, we must be great too. The trouble is, everyone else seems to have noticed this.

Next year, instead of retro, think space age. Think so space age that you’re almost right round at retro again. Think Tom Ford.

The man that revived Gucci as it was about to flail out its last breath is also the man that has made us think that purchasing sunglasses in the midst of the wettest November on record is a perfectly rational thing to do.

The Bardot cat eye sunglasses are cool in a Judy Jetson kind of way. The graduated lens is mysterious and perfect for hiding behind when sashaying around town. The metallic detailing on the arm is subtle and understated whilst unmistakably Tom Ford

The colour choices include classic black and an unusual almost loganberry pseudo purple, but the best of the bunch are the white framed version- this isn’t the stark white that you might find on an Essex stiletto- this is creamy Milkybar white, which will accentuate both a light dusting of a tan or a striking rouge lip.



What do you think? Should we button it?

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