Cute as a button

Boot-iful….Alexander McQueen lace up leather knee boots

Here at button towers, you can’t move for boot fads of yesteryear- the cowboy boot, the pirate boot, the platform boot, the Ugg boot, the welly boot- they are all here.

Whilst they are all lovingly archived and awaiting their revival moment, there’s a more immediate problem- what boots can be put on and worn out right now?!

These Alexander McQueen lace up leather boots are instant classics. A solid black boot is a wardrobe essential and these boots are just timeless.

There are no gimmicks, no studs, no embellishment, so they will look just as fresh next year as they do now.

The lace up detail at the back is discreet and has a historical charm. The one inch heel effortlessly navigates through the difficult mid heel dilemma as it looks stylish and comfortable without bordering on geriatric.

If you only plan on buying one pair of boots this decade, make it these.



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