Cute as a button

There’s something fishy going on…..Mulberry Trout…SS13!

On a bleak cold November afternoon, something was required to perk up the senses a little.

Daydreaming about warm breezes and sunny afternoons turned thoughts to the SS13 previews that are starting to emerge, tantalising us with memories of a time when going out didn’t require frantically running back to the last place you can remember having your umbrella.

There are fishy goings on over at Mulberry- we have a new season handbag preview that’s not named after a delightful hipster. Is this a change in direction? Should we be unsettled?

Fret not. The Trout is a triumph. Standing majestically¬†proud, he looks like he’s slightly roomier than the regular Alexa, but it might be a tight squeeze to get a MacBook Air inside- which is the new test for the blogger about town.

Most pleasing is the sturdy solid secure long leather strap, which suggests that the Trout is substance as well as style. When the Alexa is flung haphazardly across the body on the longer strap, she can sag somewhat at the sides but Trout looks like he’s made to be out and about rather than balancing precariously on the crook of the arm.

Hook the Trout in SS13 and you will have acquired something delightful in which to store all of your tackle!




What do you think? Should we button it?

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