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style stories- luxury luggage from heritage brand Globe-Trotter

What do James Bond, Winston Churchill and HRH Queen Elizabeth II have in common?

Luxury luggage from quintessentially classic brand Globe-Trotter.

There’s something about a suitcase that arouses the senses. It symbolises freedom and excitement. Getting the suitcase out of the back of the wardrobe means some form of adventure is about to happen. Anything is possible, and you’ve got the knickers rolled up and stuffed into your shoes to prove it.

There’s one suitcase in particular that thebuttononline has been eyeing longingly ever since the day it was first encountered, nestling in the lingiere department of the world’s greatest department store. You know the one, it has bags that are the same colour as Mr Happy!

The lingiere department is the most unlikely place to find a luggage design classic- but then they do say that you find exactly what you’re looking for the moment that you stop looking.

The Agent Provocateur Globe-Trotter trolley suitcase (sized with dimensions that are in theory budget airline friendly…!) is sheer perfection and the ultimate in luxury luggage.

Some luxury brands like to announce their presence on the carousel, but Globe-Trotter is less ostentatious. It blends in, yet at the same time stands out as being impeccable quality. This is a suitcase like a suitcase is meant to be- leather, straps, gold locks that will open with a satisfying click, rivets! It would be a faux pas to think of this as just a suitcase- it’s an investment. It’s an item you will own for the rest of your life. It will go all over the world with you and look just as impressive as a storage case around the home when it’s not required for active duty. The leather exterior will only get better with age.

Yet there’s more. We have established that from the outside it’s highly covetable, but on the inside it’s just cavorted- it’s so very filthy, but in such a playful, coquettish way.

Clue: The baby pink silk printed fabric with pin up girls isn’t as sweet and retro as it seems at first glance….

And the price….she’s yours for £895.

You don’t even know what you’ve got, you’re really hitting my spot

sexy….everything about you so sexy


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