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Style stories- the brilliant pussybow blouse

Once upon a time, there was a cream pussybow blouse. It was purchased in French Connection as an emergency option the night before a job interview. It wasn’t a considered purchase, but it unexpectedly rose up the wardrobe hierarchy from occasional item, through firm favourites, then into regular rotation as a key staple. It went to meetings. It went to nightclubs. It went on holidays.

What made this humble blouse that was considered boring enough to blend in for a job interview into an enduring classic? It fitted well and it went with everything. It was also super quick at drying. This was a blouse that you could wear out, but would never be able to wear out.

Then disaster struck. One morning, whilst running very late for work, it was slammed onto the ironing board, where it crumpled under the heat and pressure of the absentmindedly selected highest setting. It put up no resistance, leaving a smoking iron shaped hole where the once perfect darts and pleats had been.

The loss was sudden and the impact great. The metaphorical hole in the wardrobe now needs to be filled- but will any of these emerge to be the new style staple?


1.  Victoriana style over at ASOS- this would look great with a tartan suit jacket and a large cameo brooch.

2. Monochrome magic can be yours at Miss Selfridge – black and white never fails to look chic, although red heart shaped buttons might perhaps look better than the gold ones supplied.

3. Sharp lines and scrunched shoulders are on offer at Reiss- although there’s a pastel pink and orange version of the Astra volume sleeve shirt which might just have the edge over this crisp white offering…but both versions would look great with a peg leg trouser.

4. Go dotty at Hobbs – the only similarity to the late, great French Connection blouse is the pussybow tie, but it works- either as a standout polka dot print on its own or as the basis of a confident clash.

5. Caped crusades can be yours if you can source this past season Twenty8twelve blouse!



What do you think? Should we button it?

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