Cute as a button

Peter Alexander- perfect pyjamas from Australia’s best kept secret

No matter what delights or disasters the day ahead might have in store- there are two inevitabilities- at some point you will need pants and pyjamas.

Although survey people Mintel suggest that the overall UK nightwear market was worth £476 million in 2010, with growth in the women’s sleepwear sector, this is baffling- where are people buying this sleepwear from?!

Sleepwear seems to be polarised between two options- trussed up like the easter bunny in something from Victoria’s Secret et al or shrouded in bunny print flannelette. There’s nothing in between. There’s nothing for the girl that likes the cuteness and comfort of the bunny print with a nod towards the playful side.

Fabric matters with sleepwear- it’s got to be functional. Too thick and you’re boiled alive. Too synthetic and it clings in all the wrong places and looks a bit naff.  Dealing with this dilemma is too much effort and before you know it, the sleepwear rotation is reduced to that old take that tour t-shirt from first time around and a mismatched tartan short set. Alluring.

But, now I’ve discovered Peter Alexander, the Minogue sisters are now my second most favourite Australian import!

Rather than buying something out of  sheer necessity, now I’m actually spoilt for choice and shortlisting things. Have a look at some of the delectable down under delights….and check out the website to see even more treats- in addition to the present bow slippers and eiffel tower print nighties that you can see here, there’s a retro inspired days of the week pants and an amazing Bambi nightdress…

The best part is Peter Alexander ships internationally- whoop!




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