Cute as a button

The surreptitious skull

It’s halloween. It comes as no surprise that skulls are everywhere.

In recent years, skulls have featured heavily across all ends of the fashion spectrum, to the extent that it’s getting increasingly difficult to reinvent the look season upon season and keep it current. This is where sirenlondon’s skull of style cardigan comes into its own.

The buttononline first encountered sirenlondon many moons ago when stumbling across a sequinned sweater vest with a neck ruff in the basement of Topshop Oxford Circus. Said sweater vest was revived from the depths of the wardrobe archive this summer when Louis Vuitton started to display a similar affinity for collars, so it’s particularly pleasing to discover that the sirenlondon website has an extensive range in innovative, distinctive and surprisingly very affordable knitwear to take us into winter and beyond.

The skull of style is of a longer length, so it is ideal for both layering and lounging. The boyfriend style fit suggests relaxed and comfortable, whilst the inclusion of a belt gives it shape and structure that so often knitwear can lack. Yes it’s almost winter, yes it’s blisteringly cold, but none of this means that we need to be shrouded in ill fitting, itchy pseudo wool.

Too often now the skull is emblazoned upon garments in a garish matter, but this cardigan offers the option of an understated skull. It’s only when you get up close that you see that things are maybe not what they first seemed when glancing admiringly from afar. This simply adds to the charm. Imagine yourself relaxing by an open fire on a Sunday afternoon after a hearty roast luncheon and you’re probably wearing the skull of style…



What do you think? Should we button it?

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