Cute as a button

Do the Bartman

London has missed out on a treat.

It’s now far too late to suggest a trip to Tokyo is a legitimate outing incurred in the name of product research, as the pop up Joyrich x Simpsons line that was in Laforet, Harajuku, has now been and gone.

Joyrich is a brand that’s yet to make much of an impact here- the United Kingdom doesn’t even feature on the company website, but we’re missing out. It describes itself as a casual rich LA streetwear brand, but it’s actually more playful than urban. Taking iconic images from popular culture and transposing them into everyday wearable art would no doubt be enough to bring a tear to the late great Andy Warhol’s eye, but Joyrich does this in way that’s effortlessly cool rather than tragic. It doesn’t try too hard. It has a sense of humour about itself. You can imagine that if Joyrich were to trip over in the street, it would style it out and spawn a multitude of imitation trippers in its wake.

Looking at The Simpsons collection especially, it’s hard to believe that the heart of this collaboration stems from a cartoon that was first televised in 1989- Bart is as fresh faced as ever and doesn’t look a day over ten years of age- perhaps he too embalms himself in Clinique?! The secret of Bart Simpson’s eternal youth is really another story for another day…but for now, don’t have a cow, scour international eBay to get your hands on these limited edition delights.



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