Cute as a button

It’s soup-er!

The Pepe Jeans collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation is nothing new, but the autumn winter 2012 pieces are a return to the glory days akin to when this collection was first launched.

The price point for this range is a little friendlier these days compared to what it used to be- thebuttononline knows this only too well, after buying the silk soup can dress from the first collection purely to look at!

This also means it is instantly more wearable- spill something on a delicate limited run soup can dress and it’s irreplaceable, but spill something on a more mainstream polyester and it’s as good as new after a quick spin in the washing machine.

This isn’t a slur on the range- quite the contrary in fact. When you long to be world famous for fifteen minutes, you need to look the part and this season Pepe Jeans have taken the iconic Warhol images that defined a generation and let them make the statement for you.

Current favourite is this chic soup-er soup can jumper. Monochrome always lends itself to functional knitwear- and not just for convicts. The inclusion of the classic Campbell’s can gives it a playful edge that will remain relevant in seasons to come.

Wear yours with clashing Warhol prints as Pepe Jeans suggest in the image, or perhaps make it pop with a red skater skirt.

In the words of Warhol, fashion wasn’t what you wore someplace anymore. It was the whole reason for going. Turning up in this makes sure that everyone knows that you have arrived.



What do you think? Should we button it?

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