Button fly- for the boys

Fit for a McQueen

With the distinct chill in the air arriving today, thoughts are turning towards the perfect overcoat to keep you toasty whilst Jack Frost is nipping at your nose.

The winter coat is an investment piece and a decision that should not be undertaken lightly. Picking wisely is the key here- too fashionable and it will quickly date, but too classic and it won’t have that je ne sais quoi of London man about town.

This week the long awaited McQueen Savile Row menswear and tailoring emporium opened, and you won’t go far wrong by taking an exploratory visit to have a look at this 3/4 length overcoat in its natural habitat.

The deep almost oxblood red is akin to the shade of mulled wine, so already has the aroma of winter. It is the colour of love and will attract admiring glances from both near and far. It says I am confident, I am intrepid, I am warm.

It has a slim cut that will enhance the debonair gentleman. Like all investment tailoring decisions, pay close attention to the shoulder area. McQueen are renowned for incorporating the pagoda shoulder, which is part of the reason why McQueen garments are so distinctive- this is very difficult to do and only executed well on high end garments- if you’re having trouble picturing it, think of Daniel Craig’s attire as James Bond…also known as the Tom Ford Regency.

Look after this coat and it will serve you well and enjoy many an adventure.

If you don’t happen to be passing Savile Row, this wonderful double breasted cashmere blend overcoat can also be found at Mr Porter.


What do you think? Should we button it?

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