Button fly- for the boys

I’m a windbreaker baby

As the winter express train continues its onslaught on our autumn days we are left in the tricky outerwear doldrums. The dreaded doldrums thrive on a temp of 10-16C where almost any outer garment leaves you sweating or shivering depending on Mother Nature’s autumn mood and the speed of your morning dash to the tube. The adoption of a full on winter coat approach would surely be bonkers? And yet light and fun summer jackets have no place here…. So, what to do we hear you ask? Fear not, the cheater is on hand. Collective Craft (available at Urban Outfitters) provide two on trend windbreakers perfect for the October season which is quite frankly a meteorological mess.

Collective Craft’s offerings provide, simple, lightweight, foldable solutions and with their look at me colours you will brighten up any rainy afternoon. The red devil is nylon through and through while the mellow yellow is all about cotton. Windbreakers are best served with an oversized woolly jumper and beard.

More shopping less shaving.

the red devil

the red devil

mellow yellow

mellow yellow


What do you think? Should we button it?

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